Every European Passport

Top Row: Iceland, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Spain

Second Row: Portugal, Bulgaria, Germany, Finland, Belgium

Third Row: Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway

Fourth Row: Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia

Fifth Row: Italy, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia, Belarus

Sixth Row: Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Monaco

Seventh Row: San Marino, Montenegro, Andorra, Albania, Estonia

Eighth Row: Latvia, Kosovo, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Moldova

Last Row: Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Lithuania

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お化け「おばけ」| goblin; ghost
魔女「まじょ」| witch
怖い「こわい」| scary
夜「よる」| night
お化け屋敷「おばけやしき」| haunted house
殺人「さつじん」| murder
ハロウィーン | Halloween
ゾンビ | zombie
血「ち」| blood
死「し」| death

What it would look like if the Orion Nebula was a distance of 4 light years away.

What it would look like if the Orion Nebula was a distance of 4 light years away.

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The ultra-rare Revenge of the Jedi poster with reversed lightsaber colors. Legendary.


I want to make a headdress that looks like this. srsly.

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Radha Ashtami

Also known as Radha Jayanti, on this day we celebrate the birth of Sri Krishna’s divine counterpart, Goddess Radha. Radha Rani is the complete embodiment of love, devotion and bhakti. May we all attain some morsel of Her loyalty so that we too can reach the realm of bliss and divinity. Many devotees take vrat (fast) on this day.

Wishing you all a joyous and pious Radha Ashtami! 

USA, UK, Canada, India, Malaysia: September 2nd





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